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Computer Science Major @ WPI

Class of 2022

CS Major at


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Professional Experience

Software Engineer Intern @ Vistaprint

Waltham, MA (Summer 2020)

Joined the Merchandising Technology team, primarily working on the product pages for Vistaprint's new website.

Collaborated with external vendors, product owners, and designers to implement features needed for a product relaunch.

React, Typescript, GraphQL, Gatsby, Node.js, i18n, Figma

Software Engineer Intern

(Summer 2020) at

Vistaprint Waltham, MA

Joined as a member of the Merchandising Technology team, primarily working on the product pages for Vistaprint's new website.

Collaborated with external vendors, product owners, and designers to implement features needed for a product relaunch.

React, Typescript, GraphQL, Gatsby, Node.js, Headless CMS, i18n, Figma

Freelance Experiences | Mostly Remote (Jun '17 - Sep '19)

Freelance Experiences

(Jun '17 - Sep '19)

Developed a GraphQL API in Golang interacting with MongoDB and redis to serve a React.js Frontend

Developed a drag & drop “Scratch-like” Internet of Things (IoT) Device Configuration Utility

Rewrote Extract-Transform-Load Pipeline, as previous method was deprecated, with Cloud Functions: to manage OAuth onboarding, accept incoming webhook data from IoT products, process, and save the data to Firebase and MongoDB.

Developed a web app, following branding restrictions, which displayed IoT events from Firebase interacting with Samsung SmartThings Device Plugin API.

Go, Python, Web, Node.js, AWS, Quasar Framework, Vue.js, GCP

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Are you a student?

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I'm a member of Vidali Lab at WPI.

At SACNAS 2019 in Hawai'i I presented my poster

Investigating vesicle dynamics and the effect of cytoskeletal fiber attachments using computer-based simulations.

and remotely at the SACNAS 2020 conference

Vesicle Dynamics and Attached F-Actin Fiber Length Effects Investigated By Computer-Based Simulations


Your Final Grade (2019)

Final Grade Calculator created to fit any syllabus.

Google Cloud Functions + App Engine, Node.js, MongoDB, Quasar Framework, Vue.js, Vuex, QR Codes, Websockets

Live at yourfinalgrade.com

frc.gg (2019)

FRC Team ELO/Trueskill rankings from competition data.

AWS S3, Python 3, Vue.js w/ Quasar Framework

View v2019 (~20MB)

Website Repository

Python Repo (Private, have to remove API keys)

SteamPowered++ (2017)

A fork of SteamPowered, a game recreation of the 2017 FRC Competition.

Java, Greenfoot, Boostrap

Project Website w/ changelogs

Github Repository

Haulers' Channel Reward Calculator (2015)

Quote calculator for interstellar shipping.

First commissioned project (5B ISK ~ $100) for an Eve Online community.

Also my 1st project to be forked and get PRs submited

Github Pages, Materialize.css, jQuery

Live on github.io

Favorite Classes @ WPI

Software Engineering w/ Prof. Wong

CS 3733

Initially, a class that assigns you to work on software for a kiosk at a hospital may not seem very exciting, but this quickly became my favorite experience at WPI. Figuring out how to organize a team of 11 contributors all with different strengths and skill sets (some of them being Robotics Engineering majors instead of Computer Science majors) and meeting late into the night everyday for the last 4 weeks of class lead to a yet-to-be-matched bonding experience among teammates.

Keywords: Java, JavaFX w/ JFoenix, Agile

View Kiosk Github Repo

Elementary & Intermediate Chinese

CN 1541, 1542, 1543, 2541, 2542, 2543

I really enjoyed the introduction to Mandarin that these 6 classes brought. While it may not seem directly related to my major, the Chinese software industry has an ever growing presence in the open source community.

Operating Systems

CS 3013

As a long time user of linux distros, this class became my favorite programming class at WPI as it forced me to go through the steps of adding system calls and compiling the linux kernel with our own modifications, and then writing C code to make the system calls ourselves. Additionally it served as a nice introduction to utilizing threads and the dangers of shared resources like locks.

Keywords: C++, C, Linux Kernel Modules

Theory of Interest I & II

MA 2211, 2212

I never expected to have so much fun taking a class on actuarial math. Learning more about cashflows, bonds, spot rates, currency exchanges, and interest calculations made for a very enjoyable fall stuck indoors.

Robotics IV: Autonomous Navigation

RBE 3002

Using Robot Operating System (ROS) is like writing microservices for the subsystems on your robot. I had heard of FRC 900 utilizing ROS, but until this class I never understood what that meant. Getting our Turtlebot to navigate to human selected waypoints through its LIDAR sensors brought much joy and frustration throughout this hands-on course.

Keywords: ROS, Python 2

More Classes at WPI

CS 525 / DS 595

Information Retrieval & Social Web

Python 3, Scraping

CS 4432

Database Systems II

Java, (theory)

CS 4241


JS, Node.js, MongoDB, Quasar Framework, Vue.js, Vuex

CS 2011

Intro to Machine Org & Assembly

C, Assembly

CS 3133

Foundations of CS

(theory: automata, etc.)

CS 2223


Java, C++

CS 1102

Acc. Intro to Program Design

Racket (Functional Programming)

CS 2022

Discrete Mathematics

CS 2102

Object-Oriented Design Concepts


My Beloved High School in Portland, ME

Baxter Academy for Technology and Science

What if kids could learn without the pressure of grades?

Inspired by Google's 20% Project, here students had their entire Fridays to work on their own projects.

One of these projects was FIRST Robotics Competition Team 5687

The Outliers

During my junior year, we finished 4th in the world out of 3000+ teams competing globally.

And as a young team set multiple world records.

A school without cliques.

A dress code created by students.

A judicial board run by students

A school run like a startup

Software Developers, Robotics Engineers, Musicians, and PhDs

who pivoted to teaching high school students.

Move fast, break drywall (2x), and change the world.

I can be reached at

Mia LinkedIn. | Follow me on GitHub. | Read my weblog.

Mia LinkedIn.

Follow me on GitHub.

Read my weblog